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Most days we are out of phone contact up in the cherries.


Correct Phone 8390 1651

Apology about Phones to all those people who tried to call us on 8390 0327.

What Happened? We had two landlines and  only needed one so in October we asked the telephone company disconnected the other. It disconnected the one we wanted to keep 8390 0327 and which was printed in the Cherry Map, and left us with with the wrong line. We tried twice sitting on the phone for hours to have this changed – it couldn’t be done at the call centre level. We then tried to  replace  references to phones with our other line 8390 1651. This includes  Google, unfortunately it still appeared to show the disconnected phone number on some customer’s google searches, but shows the correct number from our  desktop computer. We were not able to change all the third party sites that put out information about cherry picking.

Postal and Farm Address:

PO BOX 10,

25 Marble Hill Rd,


A.B.N. 78 492 853 369