Cherry Ice Cream

Cherry Ripple Ice-cream, made from our cherries by Gelista

What is in our food?

Here are the ingredients for our ice cream:

Cherry  & Vanilla Ice Cream


Whole Milk, Sugar, Vanilla Extract (4%), Cream, Cherry ripple (2.4%), Milk Powder, Fruit Fibre, Vegetable Gums (466, Tara), Emulsifiers (472b).

Nutritional Information 
Product Vanilla bean with Marble Hills Cherries  
Average quantity per 125ml Average quantity per 100gm
Energy (kj)                                  559.2                                  635.4
Protein (gm)                                      3.2                                      3.6
Fat Total (gm)                                      4.3                                      4.9
–       Saturated (gm)                                      2.7                                      3.0
Carbohydrates (gm)                                    28.8                                    32.8
–       Sugars (gm)                                    28.1                                    31.9
 Sodium (mg)                                    46.2                                    52.5

Cherry Ice cream with Coconut – Dairy free, Vegan friendly, Lactose free


Coconut Cream (49%), Water, Sugar, Cherry ripple (2.4%), Desiccated coconut, Fruit Fibre, Vegetable Gums (Xanthan, Guar).
Nutritional Information 
Product Coconut with Marble Hill Cherries  
Average quantity per 125ml Average quantity per 100gm
Energy (kj)                                  680.7                                  773.6
Protein (gm)                                      0.8                                      0.9
Fat Total (gm)                                      9.2                                    10.4
–       Saturated (gm)                                      7.8                                      8.9
Carbohydrates (gm)                                    27.9                                    31.7
–       Sugars (gm)                                    26.4                                    30.0
 Sodium (mg)                                      9.6                                    10.9

Want to learn to make jam? We are in Tasting Australia again in 2020.

Very Jammy – Traditional Jam and Jelly making 

Lovely cherries, winter jams and quince jelly are all part of the rich Adelaide Hills food heritage. Marble Hill Cherries taught people how to make their own cherry jam, quince jelly and strawberry jam.

We were sold out in 2019, so if you want to have fun making jam, do get in early.

Very Jammy is Sold Out for Tasting Australia but if there is interest we can put on more later in the year.