What to Wear

We suggest you wear an old shirt, a hat, sneakers and jeans. Bring a jacket, it is always cooler and fresher in the hills.

For “hands free”, faster picking, bring a belt – you can loop it through the bucket handle, so the belt holds the bucket for you. Then you are free to pick with both hands.

Put children in old clothes, they will get cherry juice on themselves. There is no easy way of getting cherry stains out of good clothing. One customer has found that she can get out stains from cotton clothing with Bosistos pre-wash Stain Remover , with eucalyptus oil 200 mL (Thank you Mary). Bring your camera.
记得给小孩子穿上旧衣服哦,避免樱桃汁溅到新衣服,沾上了很难清洗干净的哦。不过,也不是没有办法去除,感谢Marry,我的一位客人,她发现用 Bosistos pre-wash去污剂加上200毫升的桉树油,可以去除棉质衣物上的樱桃汁渍。请记得带上您的相机哦,樱桃园的风景一定不会让您失望的。

Why jeans and sneakers? It is the country, everyone feels much better if their legs and feet are protected. Shoes with a good grip like sneakers are strongly recommended. Don’t wear shoes that slip easily or that are hard to walk in.

Sensible Shoes please.  Leave those gorgeous Jimmy Choos in the car and bring a spare pair of sneakers to change into for comfortable walking about in the orchard.
那些很“娇贵”的鞋子比方说Jimmy Choos,就放在车子上吧!换上带来的运动鞋,这样您在果园里面会走得更舒服一些。

We provide free sunscreen cream, in case yours was left at home.


What to Bring
Just yourselves really.

We lend buckets for picking the cherries and you can take your cherries home in a cherry bag.
我们为您提供桶来装采摘到的樱桃,然后给您一个环保袋把樱桃带回家 。

We also provide 1 kg clear punnets, and 2kg and 5kg cherry boxes at cost, if you would like to gift package your cherries.

If you want to bring your own buckets or containers, just ask us to weigh them for you before you start picking, to make sure you are not paying for their weight as well as your cherries.


Food and Drink

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink to eat in the orchard. There are tables and chairs available.

We have cherry and other ice-cream every day and weekend sausage sizzles at the orchard.

We provide free filtered rain water.

Cherry Ice Cream

Our Marble Hill Cherry Icecream made for us by Peter, Kathy and the team at Gelista.
下图就是Peter,Kathy和Gelisa给我们做的Marble Hill樱桃冰淇淋。

It takes about 1kg of our sour cherries for each 2 litres of ice cream. Exclusive to Marble Hill Cherries.
每制作两公升的樱桃冰淇淋,我们就用上了1公斤的酸樱桃。这是我们Marble Hill樱桃园特有的哦。

If the predicted temperature is 33 degrees and over, we are open from 7.30 am – 2 pm for people who like to pick in the cool of the morning. It is comfortable picking in the shade of the trees until about 1pm. After that it is better to scoot off to the beach or back to the air-conditioning.
Closed: The orchard is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for maintenance, and 25 & 26 December (Christmas Day and Boxing Day).
For everyone’s safety, the orchard is closed when a Catastrophic Fire Day is declared. Click here for Fire Bans, we are in the Mt Lofty Region.
为了大家的安全,在灾难性消防日宣布时,果园也会关闭。点击此处能查询火禁,我们果园处于Mt Lofty地区。
Due to unpredictable rain damage, we may sell out of one variety, and need to close until more cherries are ripe. We are sorry, and just as disappointed as you, if we run out of cherries.

Prices are based on the quality of the fruit, and the ease of picking, and set about $2/kg less than the same quality shed door cherries that have been picked for you and are usually $5- 8 less than the same quality in the shops.
Prices are displayed at the front gate.
We aim to grow high quality cherries.
They are big and beautiful, but not the cheapest you can find.


Entry Fees

There is an entry fee for picking cherries of $6/person for people aged 13-60 and $4/ person over 60. People over 80 and children under 13 are free.
Your entry fee covers tasting while you pick. There is no student discount, because students eat lots of cherries that have taken a year of hard work to grow.


On a budget?
We are very happy to mark the buckets to show how much is 1 kilo, or give you a box that will hold only a kilo. Parents find this helpful, to make sure that the children don’t blow the family budget. We can also show you to rows where it will take longer to hunt out and find cherries, thus giving your family more time in the orchard without breaking the bank. You will be rewarded with lovely cherries, that have taken a bit longer to find.

EFTPOS Available
We take Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.
What’s Here?
In the orchard there is a shelter, and picnic tables, and chairs on a first come, first seated basis. Usually everyone can find somewhere to sit.
Toilets: It’s the countryside, not glamorous or fancy, but we do have basic flush toilets in the orchard and another at the Packing Shed.
Bring a picnic blanket, you are welcome to picnic among the cherry trees.

No Car? Try a Minibus or Maxi Taxis

If you do not have a car, search for Maxi Taxis. There are several companies with large cars and mini vans that can take between 7-11 people.
如果您没有车,可以搜索Maxi Taxis。有好几家大车和小巴士能够载7-11个人。
Adelaide Independent Taxis Ph: 13 22 11
阿德莱德独立出租车电话: 13 22 11
13 MAXI Ph: 13 6294
13 MAXI电话:13 6294

Paul Kane of Essay Bus Hire and Tours knows the cherry farm. His bus will take about 15 people (check with him) ph 0417 843 108.
Paul Kane 的Essay 巴士出租公司知道我们的农场,这家公司的巴士能载约15人(实际人数与安排,请联系他:0417 843 108)

Click for Directions to Marble Hill Cherries, Marble Hill Rd Ashton.
点击此处能查看到Marble Hill Cherries, Marble Hill Rd Ashton的方向。

How long will the cherries keep?
Our cherries should keep 4 weeks if you keep them stored in the fridge at all times. This means you can pick your Christmas cherries any time in December and have lovely cherries as long as you don’t eat them first. Hide your cherries from two legged fridge rats in your household. If you want to keep them for 4-8 weeks ask us to dip them in a mild fungicide.


Can I make a booking? Yes we are taking bookings for December 2017.

Please click here to go to the Bookings page for dates and information.

Will there be cherries after the first week? Yes.

We have early, mid season and late season cherries so there are always new cherries for each weekend.



  • 要挑个大的、颜色黑的——它们是成熟的——先尝一个试试
  • 往叶子底下找
  • 被摘了以后的樱桃就不会再变甜了——把黄色和微红色的樱桃留在树上再让它们长几个星期吧
  • 采摘:找到樱桃的茎与树的连接处,抓住了转一下,弯着折下来
  • 把茎留着, 这样樱桃可以在冰箱里保存6个星期
  • 如果遇上糟糕的雨水天气,我们可能会给你两个不同颜色的桶子
  • 绿桶 – 好的樱桃,
  • 红桶 – 开裂的樱桃 – 如果你要,它们是半价的;如果你不想要,可以留给我们;


  • 员工会告诉你哪一排的樱桃熟了 ——不是所有的樱桃都在同一刻成熟的,有些需要再等一、二个星期。


  • 我们为你们免费提供防晒霜和饮用水 —— 敬请使用。
  • 穿适合乡村的衣服 —— 帽子,球鞋,牛仔裤和旧衬衫是个好主意。
  •   果园里禁止吸烟 —— 如果你想要抽烟,请到果园的凉棚里来,那里有烟灰缸。
  • 小心果树间的金属桩子。
  • 沿着一排排的果树走,不要穿梭着在果树间走。
  • 请勿奔跑着下坡,松驰的土壤会很滑。
  • 请勿攀爬树。所有的果树都修剪得可以从平地安全地采摘,我们会教你怎么把枝条弯曲下来而采摘高处的果子。
  • 小心蛇。如果你看见有蛇,请站在原地不动。(我们的果园已经有九年没有见到蛇了,但这里是农村,这里也是它们的家园)
  • 有过敏吗? 如果你有过敏症需要随身携带紧急药物,请记着带好你的药并确保在你所在的这组人员中有人知道你的过敏症以及你的药在哪里。如果你有需要立即处理的过敏症,请务必告诉我们的员工。
  • 如果你的家人中有身体虚弱的成员,请先来果园凉棚知会于我们,我们会告诉你哪里是可以安全地开车进到果树园。一般我们会借给你一把椅子,这样他们就可以和家人一起享受户外活动,或者他们也可以来果园凉棚和我们一起欣赏果园的风景。

Week 1-2 VIOLA MERCHANT ( early – mid December)
第1-2周VIOLA MERCHANT(十二月上旬到中旬)

Week 2- 5 SUMMIT, STELLA (Stella start and continue through to week 5, Summits are usually sold out after a week)
第2-5周 SUMMIT, STELLA(Stella从第2周持续到第五周,Summits经常会在一周后售罄。)

Week 3-5 BING & VAN
第3-5周 BING&VAN

Week 4-6 LAPIN, SIMONE (usually just before December 22 and in time for Christmas and New Year)
第4-6周 LAPIN, SIMONE (经常是在12月22日之前,能及时赶上圣诞和元旦)

Week 5 Sour Cherries – Morello – great for Persian and other middle eastern rice dishes, for jam, for making your own cherry liqueur
第5周 酸樱桃-Morello 用于伊朗和其他中东菜肴,做果酱以及樱桃酒

For more about the cherries go to our Varieties Page.

How To Check If We Have Cherries

You can phone and check our daily message during the cherry season (Ph 8390 0327 for recorded message – sorry we cant promise to answer it in person as we are usually busy up in the cherry trees), or check this site for updates. The best way to contact us is by email to pick@marblehillcherries.com.au
您可以在樱桃季时给我们致电或者查询我们的网上日志(欢迎致电8390 0327听取有关留言,我们不能保证能亲自答复,因为我们经常在樱桃园里忙活)。联系我们最好的方式就是发送电子邮件到这个邮箱:pick@marblehillcherries.com.au