January 25 update 10.30 pm:

Cherry Picking will be back next December 2022.

The cherry season is now over, thank you to everyone who has helped us and we look forward to seeing you next December.

Thank you to the 5000 plus adults and 3000 children who visited over the summer cherry season. You brought energy and laughter to the hills. Thank you to the team of people who worked here. We really appreciated your reliability, hard work, and above all friendliness and and love of meeting people. You are a big part of what makes this a happy place to be.

New cherries beginning to form in the blossom – they will be ready to pick in December
Enthusiastic blossom on the Morello Cherries October

About Marble Hill Cherries

Marble Hill Cherries is a specialist Pick-Your- Own cherry orchard in the scenic Adelaide Hills. It is only 20 minutes from central Adelaide, and 45 minutes from Adelaide Airport. There is native bush near the cherries, and you may see a koala in the tall trees near the packing shed. We suggest you allow 2-3 hours to enjoy the orchard.

Visiting Marble Hill Cherries in December- mid January

What to Wear
What to Bring
Food and Drink
Cherry Ice Cream
What’s Here?
Entry Fees
EFTPOS Available
What If Someone Can’t Walk Very Far & Wheelchair Access?
Opening Times:
How long will the cherries keep?

What to Wear

We suggest you wear an old shirt, a hat, sneakers and jeans. Bring a jacket, it is always cooler and fresher in the hills.

For “hands free”, faster picking, wear a belt – you can loop it through the bucket handle, so the belt holds the bucket for you. Then you are free to pick with both hands.

Put children in old clothes, they will get cherry juice on themselves. There is no easy way of getting cherry stains out of good clothing. One customer has found that she can get out stains from cotton clothing with Bosisto’s pre-wash Stain Remover. Bring your camera.

Why jeans and sneakers? It is the country, everyone feels much better if their legs and feet are protected.

Sensible Shoes please. Shoes with a good grip like sneakers are strongly recommended. Don’t wear shoes that slip easily or that are hard to walk in.

Leave those gorgeous Jimmy Choos in the car and bring a spare pair of sneakers to change into for comfortable walking about in the orchard.

What to Bring

This year bring buckets, drinking water and sunscreen. There will be a weigh-in table so you can weigh your buckets before you start picking, to make sure you are not paying for their weight as well as your cherries.

We  provide 1 kg clear punnets and 5kg cherry boxes at cost, if you would like to gift package your cherries.

What If Someone Can’t Walk Very Far?

We care about people who can’t walk far or need to sit most of the time.  We want you to be able to be among the cherry trees enjoying the outing with your friends and family. Send one person up to the sales area to ask for help with transport. We can drive you to a row of cherries, and lend a sturdy armchair if needed. We reserve some rows for parents with babies, and people who are not steady on their feet.

Careful Wheelchair Access is possible between about December 18 – 28, when the car park cherries are ripe.

The cherries in the rows next to the car park  are on a gentle slope that will still need some care in moving a wheelchair.  The first three trees in each row are reasonably easy to access, and have good cherries on them.  This will suit individual family visits on weekdays when we will have time to assist and also reserve a parking place for you next to the cherry trees. Please email to make arrangements and to book. Unfortunately the toilets are up the hill or at the shed on the track in and will be more difficult to access.

Take care: the orchard is sloping, with rough grass. If someone is coming who needs a walking frame, please make sure there are one or two people in your group who can lend an arm to help with walking on uneven ground. We can lend you a lightweight armchair for someone who needs to sit, rather than stand.

There is a 50m walk up the hill for everyone else.

Food and Drink

Sorry, no picnic groups this year, basically we can only offer cherry picking, ice cream, tea and coffee and hand held snacks, but not large groups of people bringing their own picnic.  We have had to reduce the number of chairs and tables in our shade areas to meet COVID regulations. Please do not bring picnics to eat here as we do not have the room for everyone to be seated a safe distance apart.  Of course bring a snack to keep children from feeling peckish, and do please bring bottled water for yourselves.  Please do not sit and picnic inside the netted cherry rows, as it impacts on other pickers trying to find  cherries.

Cherry Ice Cream and Dairy Free Cherry & Coconut Ripple

Pictured below is our Marble Hill Cherry Icecream made for us by Peter, Kathy and the team at Gelista.  We also have Dairy Free Cherry and Coconut ripple. (Vegan).

Cherry Ripple Ice-cream, made from our cherries by Gelista.

It takes about 1kg of our sour cherries for each 2 litres of ice cream. It is also available on the Ghan, and at the National Wine Centre and at one or two other venues, if we have enough cherries.

Opening Times

Our normal opening time is 9 am – 2pm (last car in by 1pm) on the days that we are open.

Why aren’t there afternoon bookings?
Its the summer weather.  Even on hot days the mornings are pleasant. It is comfortable picking in the shade of the trees until about 12 noon. After that it is better to scoot off to the beach or back to the air-conditioning. For your  safety and the safety of our staff, we close by 2 pm. We are a small family run farm and this gives us time to do the maintenance needed to keep everything nice for morning visitors.

Closed: The orchard is usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for maintenance, and 25 December (Christmas Day) and 26 December (Boxing Day)

For everyone’s safety, the orchard is closed when a Catastrophic Fire Day is declared. Click here for Fire Bans, we are in the Mt Lofty Region.

Due to unpredictable rain damage, we may sell out of one variety, and need to close until more cherries are ripe. We are sorry, and just as disappointed as you, if we run out of cherries.


Prices are based on the quality of the fruit, and the ease of picking, and set about $2/kg less than mid-range shed door (wholesale) cherries and are usually $5- $8 less than the same quality retail. In the last few years they have ranged from $12-18/ kg.

We have cherry bargains around $10/kg towards the end of the season (early – mid January) when we start lifting the nets. There are always  some big, sweet late cherries that can be found under the leaves, both low down and up high.

Prices are displayed at the front gate.

We aim to grow high quality cherries.

They are big and beautiful, but not the cheapest you can find.

Entry Fees

There is an entry fee for picking cherries of $8/person for people aged 13-60 and $4/ person over 60. People over 80 and children under 13 are free.

On public holidays the entry fee is $10/person for people aged 13-60 and $5/ person over 60. People over 80 and children under 13 are free if they are part of a family group. 

There is an Entry Fee of $5/child aged 3-13 for children coming as part of an organised group eg school class, scouts, social group.

Your entry fee covers tasting while you pick.   It also covers extra hand sanitiser and staffing to keep everything COVID safe,  and to show you around, and  the toilets and sitting areas. It does not cover eating lots of cherries before you pay for them.   There is no student discount, because students eat lots of cherries.

In 2018 we had to introduce a $10 picking deposit on our two Premium Cherries.

1 We have our usual tasting and picking in rows near the cherry sales area. This will include plentiful and delicious Merchant, Viola,  Stella, Van and Bing rows. It will be the same system as before: No deposit  for cherries, just pay for what you pick, and  easy access for families with seniors and young children.

2 A  $10 Picking Deposit per adult for  three premium cherries  (Summit, Simone and Lapin Rows).

On busy days we ask each person (aged 13 -80)  to pre-pay a $10 deposit towards the cost of the premium cherries they pick. This deposit is deducted from the total cost of cherries you pick. It means that you only have to pick about 800 gm  of premium cherries and you have recovered one deposit. We will not ask you to pre-pay for your children under 13 – of course they can be with you. Many families find it easy to send one adult in to choose special cherries while the others have fun with the children in the delicious and easy pick rows.

Why have we introduced this?  Most people coming to pick cherries are very fair with growers. However, some people  prefer just to stand and eat lots of cherries, especially premium cherries, rather than pick and pay for them. Some growers here and in Victoria and Tasmania have raised their entry fees to allow for this, we prefer to keep our entry fees as family friendly as possible and ask for a deposit on premium cherries instead.

This is why our we have a deposit on our $15/kg premium cherries.


On a budget?

We are very happy to mark the buckets to show how much is 1 kilo, or give you a box that will hold only a kilo. Parents find this helpful, to make sure that the children don’t blow the family budget. We can also show you to rows where it will take longer to hunt out and find cherries, thus giving your family more time in the orchard without breaking the bank. You will be rewarded with lovely cherries, that have taken a bit longer to find. Also keep an eye out for cherry bargains when we lift the nets in early January.

EFTPOS Available

We take Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

What’s Here?

In the orchard there is a shelter,  and some chairs for seniors and tired mothers on a first come, first seated basis.  We are not able to provide lots of chairs and picnic areas this year, because of COVID  safety restrictions.

Toilets: It’s the countryside, not glamorous or fancy, but we do have 2 basic flush toilets in the orchard.

No Car? Try Maxi Taxis

If you do not have a car, search for Maxi Taxis. There are several companies with large cars and mini vans that can take between 7-11 people.

Try: Adelaide Independent Taxis


Click here for Directions to Marble Hill Cherries, 25 Marble Hill Rd Ashton.

How long will the cherries keep?

Our cherries should keep 4 – 5 weeks if you keep them in the fridge at all times. This means you can pick your Christmas cherries any time in December and have lovely cherries as long as you don’t eat them first. Hide the cherries from any two legged fridge rats in your household. If you want to keep them for 4-8 weeks ask us to dip them in a mild fungicide.

How To Check If We Have Cherries

If you have a booking you will receive an email a few days before your visit with an update on the varieties cherries, their quality and the prices.

The best way to contact us is email

Follow us on Facebook for quick updates too.

You can phone and listen to our daily phone message during the cherry season (Ph 8390 1651) It is a  recorded message, or check this site for  updates. Sorry, we are run off our feet during picking days and cannot always answer the phone.